E-commerce solutions

If your company is active in e-commerce, it is usually not a question of standard vs. custom development, but rather the ideal combination of both.

When is a customised
e-commerce solution
the right choice?

The more differentiated your business model and the more dynamic your competitive situation, the more you will benefit from a customised e-commerce solution.

We would be happy to take a look at your requirements in a meeting and provide an initial assessment. To answer the question of whether it is worth looking at a customised e-commerce solution, you should consider the following points, among others:
  • What is the number and variety of products on offer?
  • Are you both a producer and a retailer?
  • Where and how is your customer data collected and managed?
  • What are the current sales figures and growth forecasts?
  • Does your store cater to both B2B and B2C?
  • How often are new products or limited editions added?
  • Are there safety requirements and legal regulations for your goods (e.g. for highly flammable or toxic substances)?
  • Which interfaces are required, e.g. to merchandise management systems or transport service providers?
  • Are there configurations for your products?


  • 01. Analysis

    We start the project with a detailed requirements analysis and prioritisation.

  • 02. Overview

    We gain an overview of your system landscape for merchandise management, logistics, customer management, etc.

  • 03. Architecture

    We develop a system architecture for your store and the required interfaces. We often work according to the principle of ‘verticalisation’. This means that the store is structured in vertical modules that are developed independently of each other and ideally communicate with each other asynchronously or via predefined interfaces.

  • 04. Development

    We put together a team with the right experience, including a team lead and team coach. Together, we build up domain knowledge and move quickly into implementation.

Advantages of a
custom Web shops

  • Targeted focus on customer needs and your own USP

  • Up-to-date data on product availability

  • Fewer order cancellations

  • Synchronised customer data without duplicates

  • Database for personalised and GDPR-compliant marketing measures

  • Time savings due to automated data maintenance

Project graphic

Example project

Customised buying process for a new B2B and B2C web shop