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At Spaceteams, we cultivate an inspiring environment for talented and passionate software engineers to collaborate on innovative solutions.

Immerse yourself in a world where passion, teamwork, and continuous development form the foundation of our unique company culture.


Software Engineering

Senior Software Engineer (all genders)
experienced permanent

It is important to us that you fit in! Regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, social origin, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation, we welcome individuals who resonate with our values.
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The Spaceteams crew

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Team Coach
Our Team Coaches ensure smooth processes, constructive communication and good cooperation within the teams and with our POs. Together with the Engineering Leads, they lead the teams and promote the personal development of employees.
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Software Engineer
Experienced full-stack engineers who work according to agile methods and apply the principles of TDD (test-driven development), clean code and clean architecture.
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Mission Control
Mission Control covers the areas of Finance and Accounting, HR and Recruiting, Marketing and Sales, Organisation and Administration and ensures that everything runs smoothly in the background.

What we
care about

We select our projects carefully. Our aim is to build software that has value, is scalable and can be used in the long term.
We always provide an entire team for a project, consisting of 3-7 developers and a Team Coach.
We are made up of highly qualified and ambitious people who love challenges, have high quality standards and want to learn from each other.
Team members during videocall.

We are
‘remote but

Communication on an equal footing is key. While working mostly remotely, our virtual office ‘WorkAdventure’ keeps us connected. It’s a place where everyone can approach colleagues directly for a chat and see who doesn’t want to be disturbed at the moment.
Team members at onsite workshop.

and off-site

In order to really cultivate a healthy and open team culture, we meet in person at least once a month for an on-site meeting in a co-working space. There, we work on topics together in a workshop format, give presentations and share knowledge, and simply spend time socialising. When starting a new project or to brainstorm, our teams like to meet on-site in addition to the regular team meeting.
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Tech Recruiter

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For me as a mum, being able to work remotely was crucial. I can work 35 hours here instead of around 28, as I can save myself the commute to work and continue to develop both professionally and personally without having to sacrifice a significant amount of salary. This gives me considerable flexibility in my everyday life and still the necessary security.

company culture

Psycholo­gical safety

We value a positive working environment in which every team member feels safe to share ideas and opinions constructively. We don’t believe in ‘crunch time’, which for us means having balanced working time accounts with the necessary work-life balance.

Smiling people.

Team events

We value in-person connections and gather regularly for team events, where we undertake various activities together in the Hamburg area.

Group pictures at team events.

Assuming responsibility & ownership

You can achieve more together. That’s why we invite our employees to play an active role in shaping the future of Spaceteams.

Voting by show of hands.

Great reason to celebrate

We celebrate great achievements and milestones, such as MVPs or go-lives of our projects. And, of course, there is also a summer event and a winter party.

People at a dinner, on a summer trip, in front of a Christmas tree.

Shit happens

A healthy error culture is important to us, so it’s absolutely fine to make mistakes, fall flat on your face and get back up again. This is the only way we can learn and surpass ourselves.
For example, we often organise a ‘Spaceteams Bug Hunt Challenge’ before our go-lives. At the end, this cup is ceremoniously presented!

Two people are being honored with a trophy.
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Team Coach

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When people think about psychological safety, many believe it’s about working together as smoothly as possible and without conflict. However, the goal is to create an environment where all voices are consciously allowed, even and especially if this leads to conflicts. It is important to us that the process is constructive and respectful. This way, both the work and each individual benefit from it.

& development

Software developers during Spacetime.


Develop, experiment, learn: that’s our Spacetime!
Our Software Engineers and Team Coaches have the opportunity to actively participate in our Spacetime training concept. During Spacetime, up to 20% of their weekly working time can be used to expand their technical and non-technical skills.

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In our projects, there are always new requirements that need to be solved. During Spacetime, we set individual learning objectives for these topics or collaborate on them together with our colleagues. We read in depth or do practical exercises to not only improve our technical skills, but also to master the challenges of the project. Overall, Spaceteams attaches great importance to knowledge sharing. We can participate in workshops or share our expertise with the entire organisation, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Tawhi, Software Engineer

Team members at a conference.

Events & conferences

The exchange of ideas within the industry and the opportunity to share knowledge with each other are very important to us. That’s why we regularly attend relevant events and conferences.

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I had the privilege of being a speaker at the 2023 code.talks conference, where I could not only share knowledge with the tech community but also engage in the exchange of ideas and valuable feedback. It’s truly fulfilling to be part of a company that actively promotes such opportunities and supports a culture of continuous learning for personal and professional growth.

Marc, Software Engineer

Team members in a feedback session.

Feedback culture

We believe that regular and specific feedback is essential so that everyone can grow. This includes code reviews and pair programming sessions in everyday development, as well as personal feedback in our one-on-one, peer-to-peer and bi-annual reviews.

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We understand the importance of honest, constructive feedback – and how challenging it can be to provide such feedback. In addition to the routines in our projects, like one-on-one’s or biannuals, we consciously develop feedback skills during Spacetime. We provide information on essential concepts and conduct exercises on specific methods, such as the WWW model. All Team Leads and Team Coaches have extensively worked on the topic as part of our leadership workshop, deciding together how and where we want to implement feedback at Spaceteams.

Franci, Team Coach

The Spaceteams benefits

Sports club
20% Spacetime
€75 work-from-home bonus
30 days’ holiday
Bike leasing
Company pension scheme
High-quality hardware

Recruitment process



Send us your convincing application. After we receive it, it will be checked by us.

1 day – 1 week



Initial interview on technical basics, working methods, team fit, culture and clarification of questions.

1 – 1.5 hours



Depending on the position, we will provide you with a coding challenge or business case, which you will work on and submit within a weekend or solve live during the expert interview.

2 – 8 hours


Expert interview

Interview with a team member to discuss the case as well as more in-depth technical questions.

1 hour


Final interview

Conclude with the final interview with our CEO Olaf.

1 hour



It’s a match? Expect our offer as soon as possible via DocuSign.

1 day



To give you an authentic impression of our team culture, you will now be invited to all events (e.g. team events, on-site events).

You will usually receive an offer within 1 – 3 weeks of submitting your application!

More questions?
Here are some answers!

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What can I expect from the coding challenge?

Our engineering recruitment process involves you completing a coding challenge. We then set a time together - usually over a weekend. You choose one of several tasks and we create a repository using your GitHub handle. After you submit your work, we will review it and give you qualified feedback as soon as possible.

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Do I always work in a fixed team?

For larger projects, you will usually be part of a fixed team. The advantage of this is that you can focus together on the scope, the task, the project and the client's needs. Typically a team consists of 3-6 engineers and 1 team coach.

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How is my Spacetime organised?

Spacetime is your personal training time. As a team, you discuss which project requirements need to be covered and whether there is a need for further training. Your personal goals and wishes are also taken into account when planning your spacetime, which could mean getting involved in open source projects or gaining certifications for certain technologies, for example.

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What are the usual working hours? Is there any overtime?

The core working hours are from 10 am to 4 pm. You are mostly flexible before and after. Of course, we try to avoid overtime, but unfortunately that doesn't always work out. In this case, however, it is either compensated in time off or paid out.

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What's the home office ratio? Can I always work from home?

Generally, 95% of us work remotely from Germany. For example, we meet in person on special occasions such as a project kick-off or retros in our coworking space in Hamburg. However, you also have the option of working from our coworking space on a day-by-day basis by arrangement.

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When might it be necessary to see us in person?

Once a month we meet with all colleagues on site in our coworking space. These onsite meetings include presentations, talks, workshops and information from the company. We believe these face-to-face meetings are particularly important, as direct and informal dialogue has a positive impact on collaboration and corporate culture.

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We look forward
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