Digitalisation of business processes

As specialists in scaling, modernising and gradually replacing existing systems during ongoing operations, we can build the right software tool for your company.

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Just as internal processes are diverse, so are the opportunities for digitalising these processes. We have been able to contribute to major improvements in these areas:

Data overview and analysis for strategic planning

To make informed strategic decisions, you need data. However, if this data is stored in many different sources and has to be compiled manually in spreadsheets or different tools, valuable time is lost and it is prone to errors. Interfaces or planning tools that are directly connected to these data sources can be used to create up-to-date overviews and carry out planning scenarios at any time.

Deploying top employees profitably

Finding good employees is notoriously difficult and if the workload increases at the same time, this slows down your company’s potential. With customised digitalised processes, you can optimise many routine manual tasks and deploy your employees where they can be most beneficial.

Targeted advertising measures – GDPR-compliant

The more precisely your advertising measures and offers match the interests of customers, the more efficiently you can target them. If customer data is managed in different systems and you do not have a holistic overview, it can lead to duplicates, offers for products the customer may have already purchased or advertising mailings for which the customer may have already withdrawn their consent. With a program for reconciling data from different sources, you can increase efficiency and ensure GDPR-compliant management at the same time.

Improve customer service

Customer expectations are at a persistently high level and a bad experience weighs much more heavily than a good one. This is why we significantly improved the customer care of a well-known games manufacturer, for example, and developed a tool that provides the customers with correct answers and detailed solution steps for the most common questions and problems without the customer having to wait in a telephone queue. The investment in the tool paid for itself within a very short time.

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Example project

Transforming customer data management for targeted marketing success