Tailored solutions

If you don’t know exactly what would be the solution to your ‘pain points’ or to what extent we should support you – no problem, we will find out together.


Regardless of the industry or the size of a company, we quite often face similar challenges:

01. Head monopolies

If considerable specialist knowledge about systems, processes and products is only ‘stored’ in the heads of long-serving employees, this inevitably leads to a major loss of knowledge when these employees leave the company. If specialist processes and relevant data are integrated into the systems and can therefore be accessed by everyone, this loss of knowledge is prevented and it becomes easier to train new employees.

02. Systems patchwork

If systems do not work exactly as they should, small ‘workarounds’ are often established, which can vary greatly from department to department. The result is a multitude of tools without transferability or synergy effects.

03. Data bottlenecks

When companies grow rapidly or, for example, want to open up their sales channels to partner companies, the data queries and system requirements also increase massively, which old existing systems are often unable to cope with.

04. Slow systems

Customer requirements are increasing – especially regarding pace. If you are slower than the competition and need several days to enter a new product into the system and the online store, you will lose valuable sales and possibly even customers permanently.

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