Software architecture & consulting

A well-planned software architecture is essential for a successful development phase.

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The cornerstone
of project success

In the discovery phase, we dive deep into your processes and system.

In order to understand the connections between all the disciplines involved and avoid blind spots, we talk to the relevant stakeholders and utilise the existing experience of your employees. This enables us to provide you with sound and holistic advice.

Based on this, we develop the architecture of the software and create a holistic overview of how the systems interact. We then coordinate the results and our recommendation with all key people in our reviews.

In the next step, our teams either enter the development phase themselves or we hand over the architecture and planning to your developers – depending on the desired scope.

& solutions

Establishing new structures with a clear external view.

As consultants, we can introduce a new organisational framework to your existing project, offering a distinct external perspective. If several teams, internal or external, are working on the same components at the same time but lack a holistic overview, it can lead to projects stagnating or even project failure. This is where we help you by removing obstacles, prioritising tasks and ensuring smooth collaboration between the development teams.

Which requirements should
software architecture fulfil?

01 Maintainability
The structure should be designed to allow updates and maintenance of individual components without compromising the stability of the others.
02 User focus
The system should focus primarily on the needs of the user, be easy to understand and provide a good user experience.
03 Performance
The processing and response times, as well as the CPU load, should be at an appropriately low level.
04 Functionality
The structure of the software must fulfil the required tasks and be able to function correctly with existing systems. It must be compliant with security standards and legal regulations.
05 Flexibility
Effective software architecture enables the flexible adaptation, exchange, expansion, or transfer of individual modules to other systems.
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