Digital product development

Anyone not being customer-centric or too slow now runs the risk of being left behind. New digital product ideas could set you apart from the competition or attract new target groups for your products or services.


We quickly test the product idea on real users.

To ensure that the evaluation of your product idea doesn’t remain a shot in the dark, it should be tested quickly on real users. It makes sense to develop an MVP (minimum viable product), for example. The second challenge here is often that internal developers have long-term project commitments and there are no resources for new initiatives at short notice.

This is where our developer team comes into play and takes over the MVP development for you. This allows you to have your idea validated (or dismissed) and find out which options increase the potential for success.

What makes
a good MVP

We break the product down to its essential functions.

When developing an MVP, we prioritise the functions that offer the greatest immediate benefit. It is therefore not a half-baked prototype, but a pragmatic solution to the core problem.

By using an MVP, real user experiences can be gathered in a short time and the product can be developed further based on their feedback.

of an MVP

01. Focus

An MVP offers the opportunity for a focused and shortened development time.

02. Lower risk

The lower investment required for an MVP significantly minimises risk compared to full product development.

03. Real feedback

Collecting feedback for the product is simplified and of high quality, as it is real feedback from the actual target group.

04. Measurable results

An MVP creates measurable results for a substantiated decision on further development or discarding.


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Example project

Tailor-made tool for advertising processes