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Your mission

Become a Spaceteams Crew Member

Working in teams is the foundation of our company. As a new crew member, you will become part of one of our teams, which implements challenging projects with and for our customers and partners.

Our current projects are in the field of e-commerce, hygiene, video gaming and supply chain management, but we are not limited to these fields and always look for new challenges. Though we won’t be working within the military, gambling or any business taking advantage or profiting from suffering.

Each of our teams consists of 3-9 software developers and 1 agile team coach. We form our teams based on the project requirements and needs to get the job done.

About your job

We think and act as a team!

With us you will...

  • be part of a team that takes responsibility and ownership for the product
  • design, plan and write software with your team
  • actively shape the project and participate in choosing the technology stack 
  • support and accompany our customers and partners in the creation of their product vision and, for example, adapt the business processes of the company in addition to building the software
  • continuously improve and shape the organizational and working methods of your team through regular syncs and retrospectives
  • actively contribute to the culture of our company by getting involved in internal projects if you are interested, for example our Spacetime, further development of organizational projects or in recruiting

Your profile

About you


  • are developing software professionally and have already proven your expertise in past projects
  • have a university degree in computer science, software engineering or something similar
  • have several years of profund experience with relevant technology-stacks as well as proven abilities in adapting to project and market requirements
  • take responsibility and ownership of the team’s software
  • have experience with agile methods and want to actively shape processes and the culture of your team
  • would like to further develop yourself and share your knowledge with your colleagues
  • are a team player. You feel comfortable in groups of people, enjoy supporting your teammates, like to share knowledge and help others with problems
  • have good communication skills in German and English
  • are motivated to realize projects as a team unit
  • have a valid EU work permit 
  • are willing to participate in a couple of face-to-face meetings per month in Hamburg and are otherwise comfortable with a full remote position

We are not tied to specific technologies, but select those that are most suitable for the current project together.
We're constantly expanding our knowledge, so our toolchain is changing as well.

These are the technologies we currently use:
  • Languages: Kotlin, TypeScript, Scala
  • Tooling: Git, Gradle, NPM, SBT
  • Frontend: React, Vue
  • Backend: Ktor, Akka HTTP, Play, Astro
  • Persistence: PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB
  • Search: Elasticsearch, Solr
  • Platform: AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, CDK, Pulumi
  • Architecture: Microservices, SOA, Serverless
  • Monitoring: Datadog, ELK, Grafana, Prometheus

Why us?


  • Spacetime - you can use up to 20% of your working time to improve your professional skills
  • we pay you a fair salary in a range of 45.000 - 70.000 EUR gross
  • premium hardware of your choice (incl. high-end laptops, height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs) for your home office as well as a virtual office (WorkAdventure) and weekly 1on1s with your team lead
  • 30 days holiday and flexible working hours
  • fully paid fitness membership at Urban Sports Club
  • business bike of your choice in a budget of 1.500 EUR
  • 75 EUR gross monthly for the cost you have while working from home
  • Conferences, barcamps, workshops
  • employer-funded pension
  • team events and feel-good packages
Evolve, experiment, learn: it's spacetime!

Lifelong learning is very important to us. That's why we coach our employees to actively participate in our "Spacetime" training concept. During the Spacetime you can use up to 20% of the weekly working time to expand your technical as well as non-technical skills.
Experiment with new technologies, build a prototype, contribute to open source projects, improve your presentation skills or learn about leadership - we are open to your ideas and accompany you in your personal development.

Our culture

Psychological safety: We value a positive work environment so that every team member feels safe to share their ideas and opinions constructively.

Communication and remote work: Communication at eye level is particularly important to us. Since we are working completely remotely, we found a way to stay well connected through our virtual Spaceoffice WorkAdventure. Everyone can see who is ready to talk and who does not want to be disturbed at the moment. We also love short decision paths, so you don't have long runs to team leads and the CEO.

Team dates: We also like to chat about things other than work and catch up regularly in our virtual kitchen or at the beach. To see each other in person, we meet monthly for evening team events where we undertake different activities together in the Hamburg area. Additionally we meet on every other Friday for our Spacetime breakfast, where we combine exciting discussions and lectures with a delicious brunch.

Assuming responsibility: Since we are a young company, we invite our employees to actively participate in shaping the future of Spaceteams.

Party: We celebrate great achievements and milestones! It doesn't matter whether it's a party with everyone involved in a rented location or whether one of us has found the most bugs in one code and is therefore awarded the Spaceteams Bug Hunt Cup, we always find something to celebrate together!

Shit happens: A healthy error culture is important to us, so it's totally OK to make mistakes, to fall flat on your face and get up again. This is the only way you can learn and grow beyond yourself.

Join us!

We work in a fully remote mode, but we meet up regularly in Hamburg so everyone can benefit even better from the interaction of experienced developers and ambitious newcomers in our teams.

We look forward to hearing from you!


If you have any questions about the job or the company, Magda looks forward to hearing from you. You can book her for a short 15-minutes-talk directly here or use the typical ways of communication:

Magdalena Bittner
Tech Recruiting Manager
+49 40 524 784 305

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